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ARCO is a place of transition where the sagebrush plain meets the mountains, blue streams disappear into black lava, and the urban of Idaho gives way to the wilds of Idaho.

ARCO is a true western town with a tradition of raising spuds, grain, and alfalfa. Closely associated, ranching is also prevalent with cattle and sheep grazing surrounding lands.

ARCO also has close ties to the Idaho National Laboratory (INL) located in the "Arco Desert." The INL has become the lead for the entire United States in energy research and is an important employer in the area.

ARCO is also the gateway to Craters of the Moon National Monument and Preserve. Since its expansion in 2002, it is one of the largest National Monument sites in the country. The park protects the incredible volcanic formations associated with the Snake River Plain and offers visitors the opportunity to explore and enjoy this fantastic landscape.

ARCO'S surrounding National Forest and Bureau of Land Management lands provide a wealth of outdoor opportunities. The streams, forest, and wildlife of the Lost River and Pioneer Mountains offer numerous outdoor pleasures. Fishing streams, lakes, golf courses, and skiing are also available within a short drive. Recreation


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Arco Idaho
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